Admission Conditions

Your Safety is our top priority!

Terms and Conditions

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark is committed to the safety and enjoyment of all guests and in order to ensure the safety, all our guests are required to adhere all management guidelines and park regulations.
Failure to follow any of the regulation, conditions and instructions set forth below may result to serious injury to yourself and other individuals.

Fasouri Waterpark reserves the right to refuse entry or ask guests to leave the waterpark for:

Vandalism, stealing, offensive behaviour, queue line jumping / exiting re-joining queues, obstruction or interference with a staff member in the exercise of their duties or execution of the general safety regulations of the waterpark, causing nuisance or disturbance to other visitors, use of obscene language, spitting, failure to properly supervise persons under your care, diving, property damage, standing on tables or chairs, wrestling or throwing items, jumping over fences, inappropriate swimwear, failure to follow safety instructions by the lifeguards in order to avoid self-injuries and to others.

The above are considered violations and may result in ejection from certain rides or from the waterpark in general without refund or other compensation. They may also result in management contacting the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Children Care – Notice to Parents / Guardians

Fasouri Watermania does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors; children and their behaviour. Minors are the sole responsibility of their parents / guardians and are liable for all acts of the children under their care. Please make sure that minors act responsibly, and in consideration of other at all times.