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Garra Fish Spa

Tickle treat your feet at Fasouri Waterpark. Indulge your feet into our NEW Fish Spa

Tickle and giggle away at Fasouri Waterpark while you indulge your feet into the NEW Fish Spa!
Fasouri Waterpark has joined forces with Garra Fish Spa in the UK and introduced the largest communal fish spa on the island in August offering its guests a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a foot massage with a tickling twist. This new service to the waterpark’s wide family entertainment offering, uses toothless Garra Ruffa fish to safely and gently exfoliate the feet.
‘How does this work?’ you may wonder… As a first step, you submerge your feet into a warm pool of water filled with tiny Garra Rufa fish. After your feet are soaked our fish gently suck the dead skin from the outer layer of your feet to exfoliate hard and dry skin. This ticklish experience is a pure bliss..! What’s more, the fish’s silvery fins caress and stimulate the tiny pressure points on the base of the foot – boosting circulation and helping to relax and uplift the whole body.
So…. pamper those tired and worn out fish  at Fasouri’s Fish Spa and let our fish give you a treat!
The Fish Spa is located at the meeting point location by the entrance of Fasouri Waterpark and bears a €5 cost for a 10-minute treatment. Suitable for adults and children alike, these treatments can be carried out on hands and feet, very similar to a manicure and pedicure experience while a full body experience is also available by appointment.